The Real Wrap Co and LINKS Recruitment Announce Exclusive Recruitment Partnership 

The Real Wrap Co and LINKS Recruitment Announce Exclusive Recruitment Partnership 

LINKS Recruitment, a leading player in the UK recruitment industry, is excited to announce the signing of an exclusive partnership with The Real Wrap Co, the multi-award-winning food-to-go manufacturer based in Avonmouth. 

This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone for both parties, as it brings together the expertise and resources of LINKS Recruitment and the unique talent needs of The Real Wrap Co. The exclusive partnership will give Real Wrap Co. access to a tailored and high-quality pool of candidates, ensuring they have the right talent to drive their business forward and stay ahead of their rapid growth. 

This partnership will see LINKS Recruitment take exclusive responsibility for the provision of temporary recruitment services for the next 3 years, with a full team onsite at the Real Wrap Co. 

The alignment between LINKS Recruitment and The Real Wrap Co’s business values will allow the two companies to grow cohesively, with none of the hassle that usually takes place during the recruitment process. Both companies have a vision of a more innovative, sustainable future, and working together to build a team that has the same values and motivations is the ultimate goal of this partnership.

On the announcement of the partnership, The Real Wrap Co-founder Jason Howell says: Expanding as a business is exciting for many reasons, but welcoming more people into the Real Wrap family has to be up there! We work incredibly hard to ensure we are always doing the best we can to provide a safe, supportive and fun place to work. We offer many benefits to our teams including recreational clubs, sports events and progression within the company. So come and join the team of dedicated, hard-work food-to-go experts and make your mark!

Commenting on the exciting partnership, LINKS Recruitment Co-founder and Director, Daniel Puttick, said: “We are thrilled to have secured this strategic 3-year exclusive partnership with The Real Wrap Co. This collaboration signals an exciting alliance between two businesses committed to redefining recruitment dynamics. Over the next three years, this partnership promises to deliver innovative recruitment solutions, tailored to meet the evolving needs of our valued client. Together, we embark on a journey to elevate the recruitment experience which will add great value to our client and job seekers alike.”

LINKS Recruitment is actively hiring for temporary roles in the Real Wrap Co, so if you’re interested in a new career get in contact with us today:

0300 131 0058

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